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Sportsheets Spotted on “Married at First Sight”

Sportsheets best-selling Under the Bed Restraint System was featured on the award-winning hit reality series, “Married at First Sight.”

The Under the Bed Restraint System makes an appearance in the “Matchmaking in Houston” Season 13 Special where viewers take “a behind the scenes look at how the Married at First Sight experts matched the five new couples who will meet at the altar for Season 13 in Houston.”

“A big smile crossed my face as I watched Dr. Viviana Coles name the Under the Bed Restraints as she searched a potential cast member’s bedroom,” says Emily Silva, Sportsheets Private Label Specialist. “Having a product in Married at First Sight confirms Sportsheets is becoming more and more widely accepted.”

The original Under the Bed Restraint System has been a consistent Sportsheets best seller, easily adjustable to fit any size mattress and portable for travel. The original has spurred two additional versions, the Extreme Under the Bed Restraint and the newly released Special Edition. The Extreme version features six points of connection for attaching cuffs, a collar, and more. The new Special Edition is revamped with gold hardware and comes complete with four high quality faux leather cuffs and soft blindfold.

The Critic’s Choice Award-winning hit series follows brave singles as they “meet their new spouse at the altar and enter into a marriage at first sight.” Couples are paired up by relationship experts and after several weeks together, each couple must make the decision to stay together or divorce. The reality show, that airs on Lifetime, is in its 13th season.

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