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Magic Wand Announces ‘Pleasure as Art’ Commission Search

Vibratex, the sole North American importer of the Magic Wand brand, is pleased to announce the inaugural “Pleasure as Art” artist commission search.

When you ship more than half a million wands each year, a handful of unusable units are inevitable. And though these wands won’t have their chance to deliver physical pleasure, they can certainly still make people happy. So, instead of condemning these wands to landfill, Magic Wand is facilitating art.

Beginning May 10, 2021, Magic Wand will be accepting applications from individual artists and collaborative teams looking to create “magic” with up to 100 decommissioned Magic Wand Originals.

Interested artists must complete an entry form and submit descriptions and sketches of their proposed design. One entry will be selected by a panel of judges to receive a $10,000 commission to then bring their design to life. Once complete, the finished art piece will be put on tour and featured in prominent locations — including adult retailers — around the United States.

More information about Magic Wand’s “Pleasure as Art” initiative, including entry requirements and a detailed description of the selection process, can be found at magicwandoriginal.com/art.

As a true cultural icon, Magic Wand has been inspiring fan art for years,” explains Ken Herskovitz, Vibratex CEO. “From digital art to tattoos, people love to get creative with our wands. That inspired this idea — to engage with our fans and retailers and give these unusable products a new purpose.”

Artists may begin submitting designs on May 10th and can continue to do so through June 30th. Additional competition details will be coming soon, including tour dates and locations. Interested parties may submit contact information via the “Pleasure as Art” website to receive updates and announcements.

For all Vibratex and Magic Wand sales questions and inquiries, contact Eddie Romero, Director of Business Development, via eddie@vibratex.com.

To learn more about Magic Wand, visit magicwandoriginal.com. Join Magic Wand on Instagram at @truemagicwand.

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