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Don’t just listen… feel your favorite erotic stories!

In March, the world’s largest brand in the field of sexual wellness, Satisfyer, and Erotica platform BERLINABLE asked aspiring writers from all over the world to send us their fantasies inspired by the remote function in the Satisfyer Connect app – and they answered our call! From the 82 diverse stories from over 17 countries, a completely new genre has emerged – REMOTYCA!

This summer we invited you to discover these erotic stories on the BERLINABLE platform and our free of charge Satisfyer Connect app. Now you can not only listen to these hot stories but also feel them through your Satisfyer. The stories have been set to music in English and German and are available in our Spotify playlist, the Satisfyer Connect app and the BERLINABLE platform.

Launched in 2020, the Satisfyer Connect app offers the possibility to give control of your sexual wellness device to your partner, even remotely… but not only!
With the “Ambient Sound” feature music or spoken words are transmitted in vibrations whereas the “Music Vibes” feature allows you to play streamed music, or to pair with your own music library to convert your favorite songs into paralleled vibration patterns. This is where the Remotyca playlist will add an entirely new dimension of experience with its Spotify playlist which can be linked directly using the Satisfyer Connect app.

Megwyn White, Director of Education at Satisfyer and Certified Clinical Sexologist:

“Relax and listen to the “sensational” Remoytica playlist feature within the Satisfyer Connect App. This unique partnership will take you over-the-edge into a new level of erotic listening in which the sounds, story, and sex-tech all collaborate to ignite your deepest pleasures and unrequited desires. Experience the “stimulating” seduction within each sexy story as your body navigates the legendary sensations that only a Satisfyer can provide.”

The REMOTYCA playlist offers the next level of multi-sensory experience: We offer the possibility to listen to erotic stories and feel them directly in your Satisfyer through a dedicated vibration pattern for each story. By attaching the vibration patterns to the dramaturgy of the 60 audio files.

Each week, ten new erotic audio files will be released. An amazing way to bring the imagination to life and experience your fantasies like never before. So don’t miss out the new releases!

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