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Blush Expands Popular ‘Anal Adventures’ Platinum Collection

Blush has proudly expanded its popular Anal Adventures line of anal plugs and prostate stimulators with 30 new SKUs made for multiple experience levels. A favorite among adult retailers and shoppers alike, Anal Adventures Platinum features a range of Ultrasilk Silicone plugs, anal beads, and prostate massagers enhanced with attached vibrating c-rings that take users from beginner-level insertion to advanced simultaneous stimulation.

Known for its variety, the newest Anal Adventures releases include familiar shapes and in-demand designs, including:

  • The beautiful Vibra Slim Plug, a comfortable anal plug featuring an internal weight that adds a full, weighted sensation and stimulates as the user moves.
  • The Rabbit Tail Plug, a slick tapered design for easy insertion equipped with a lush, fluffy bunny tail at the end.
  • The Silicone Vibrating Prostate Massager, delivering 10 speeds of powerful rumbly vibration with a curved design for deep, firm prostate stimulation.

“Anal Adventures has a little something for everyone and we’re excited for the expansion to hit our customers’ shelves,” Blush Sales Manager Nancy Cosimini says. “Whether they’re looking for vibration, a beginner’s plug, prostate stimulation, or anal training, Anal Adventures has what shoppers need, which has helped make it such a stand-out brand. Each item is created with comfort in mind and the variety make it easy to find an anal toy style with a little extra enhancement, from a little extra curve to a thicker base and neck. These new SKUs and their shelf-popping color-gradient packaging will give adult stores something new and exciting to showcase this summer.”

Each Anal Adventures product comes in a sturdy silver box enhanced with a sunset-esque gradient and bright teal accents. The packaging features an image of the product inside and make for beautiful, coordinated shelf or slat-wall displays. Promotional banners are also available.

To view Blush’s newest catalog, please log into your account at blushlove.com to start browsing!

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