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Blush Brings Fantasies to Life with The Realm Takeover at New York Comic Con

Blush took the top-selling Realm collection on the road to New York Comic Con, putting the fantasy-filled product line in front of thousands of curious and excited fans pouring over the latest and greatest comic art, anime, and fandom gear. With an on-site presence and giveaways galore, Blush made an inspired impression on one of the biggest events in the country dedicated to embracing, celebrating, and geeking out on our most imaginative fantasies.

Inspired by folklore and fandom, The Realm offers retailers a one-of-a-kind series of dildos, vibrators, and clever sword handles that transform top-selling shapes and styles into fantastical delights. Matching quality construction, body-safe materials, and some of the most popular themes in comic fandom, The Realm catches consumers’ attention from store shelves and helps users embark on fun and creative sexual adventures.

“The Realm has been the talk of every conference we attend, thanks to their Instagram-friendly designs and truly unique products – especially our handles that turn your favorite Lock On dildo into a powerful sword,” Blush Sales Representative Benny Neff says. “It was a no-brainer to make a splash at New York Comic Con, one of the year’s first in-person gatherings, with the only product line on the market dedicated to the fantasy realm. The Realm has something for everyone, from werewolves and dragons, to knights in silver armor, and even Medusa herself, and we had so much fun watching fans’ faces when they saw our cosplay interviews. The Realm embraces and celebrates the imagination and helps fans bring theirs to life.”

Some of the most talked-about products from The Realm are the Lycan Lock On Werewolf dildo, a beastly hand-poured silicone dildo with a 2-inch width and a heavily textured surface; the Rougarou Lock On Werewolf Sword Handle, an ornate silver handle that pairs with any Lock On dildo; and the Silver Rechargeable Bullet, a powerful take on a classic piece of folklore, boasting 10 rumbly functions in a compact waterproof shape that can pair with any Lock On dildo.

Keep an eye out for social media promos and collaborations, including a #TheRealmofFantasy campaign that showcases the brand’s clever designs with the help of influencer partnerships.

To view The Realm product line, please visit https://blushlove.com/collections/the-realm/.

To view Blush’s additional offerings, please log into your account at blushlove.com to start browsing!

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